Crypto Trade

Crypto in most cases is referred as digital assets, involves buying and selling of cryptocurrency such as Litecoin, Ripple, Bitcoin, with the sole aim of generating a gain from the short or long term fluctuations in prices. Trading on a crypto platform is exchanging the value of a FIAT or a crypto for another cryptocurrency.

Trading cryptocurrency on a FX market is a high risk facility as the process tend to increase and fall at intervals. Holding unto a cryptocurrency in an FX exchange is high volatility as this risks are attached to leveraging a trade.


Trading cryptocurrency involves holding a position that a currency will rise or fall in value against another currency.

It is a similar to betting as the currency comes in pairs and portfolios and you can also use fiat money to trade. Before starting out trading cryptocurrency on any platforms, it is advisable to start up with a demo account so as to learn the intricacies attached to crypto trading.

Trading foremostly with a demo account gives you enough time to get used to different financial and trading market waves and speculator information.