Official Partners

We are Space Army Inc. We are a fast rising startup company with the goal of providing space explorers with the needed innovations to further explore life outside Earth.

We provide new and advanced technology that proffer solutions to global issues, save lives, enhance exploration and research for mankind to expand beyond planet Earth.

Welcome to ProbiTech, where we are focused on the advanced effects of technology on our daily living. From technology to robotics, to agriculture and medicine, we are fast becoming one of the world’s leading institute on the application of technology to daily living. We have a commitment to foster innovation, discovery and scientifically exploration in the pursuit of practical and valuable robot products for the home and world at large.

ProbiTech is one of the forerunners of developing technologies in the areas of medicine and agriculture, human-robot interaction, and physical solutions. We look to develop an ecosystem of robots and technological advancement to enable the smart home, both through internal initiatives and by building strategic external partnerships.