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IO Exchange

IO Exchange is a fully decentralized and modern cryptocurrency buying and selling exchange platform for the next generation. IO Exchange has developed a deliberate cryptocurrency surroundings that enables digital exchanges to characteristic nicely.

IO Exchange is constructed with the trendy technology and has whole functions for the spot buying and selling of all of the major cryptocurrencies along with Bitcoin, Ethereum, NYE, USDT and etc.

IO Exchange is constantly striving to improve the security gadget, provide customer service 24/7, and awareness a hundred percent to provide its users the remaining opportunity to take part inside the encrypted enterprise. IO Exchange is also doing its exceptional to frequently upload new currencies for the advantage of its customers.


Orbitex is a main b2b innovation supplier (Dedicated to NYE Coin BV1 Project), offering cutting edge web trade platform for the retail FX, Commodities, Indices and Crypto Trades, with switching capabilities through 1 main cryptocurrency called NYE Coin.

Orbitex offers streamlined trading knowledge. Their trading platform depends on the most recent innovation and a one of a kind UI, they empower their code to be conveyed effectively on web and versatile applications around the globe.